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Song 3!

I’m in a Pet Shop Boys mood apparently! Really loved the 80’s, and this track Suburbia has neon Zubaz pants written all over it.

Don’t you love the optimism of the 80’s? Check out this remix.


A few years ago I lived in the Lake District in northern England. The countryside was luscious, the people kind and the photography opportunities unlimited.

Song 2!

Listening to this track this morning. I’ve been in a UK mood lately.


Here’s a video I did a little while back for Virgin’s PROJECT magazine. They still owe me the complete prize though! What gives Richard Branson? Send him a nasty tweet for me why don’t you @richardbranson.


Computer Rendering!

Here’s a very haphazard collection of 3D computer rendering. From creating a branded character, to creating a set, to mocking up a home renovation by an avant guard set of architects, I guess I tend to not shy away from variety?


Here are some hand renderings I’ve done.

The first one is actually done on an iPad. It’s a mixed use project that will be completed by 2014.

I have to upload a better image of the corinthian column. It’s actually a huge india ink render. It’s just that it’s framed already and so getting a good picture of it is tough.

The Frank Lloyd Write drawing is really interesting. This was my first rendering and took me about 40 hours. It was a school assignment where I had to replicate the style of a famous renderer. I chose that house by FLW because I like prairie style (I grew up on the prairies). The media: shoe polish!

The pool project is india ink.

The chapel is shoe polish on mylar (like the FLW drawing).

The color study is just that; me drawing the color…the lines are by the famous architectural renderer Michael E. Doyle out of Boulder. Take a class from him! I did!

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