Had a great time at Ella’s in Seminole Heights, a more historic part of Tampa. When a rooster greats you, it should be good right?


Ella’s is a folk art café. It’s got a cool patio and some pretty fun art.


Here’s an interior shot from our special booth. Lots of live music throughout the week. Closed Mondays.


Our booth was special because it was the Elvis booth!


Great food. I’d take friends here because 1) they offer Vegan and Gluten free offerings and 2) they offer amazing non-vegan and gluten rich food. I think I smelt a smoker out back! Wife and I saw lots of amazing dishes pass us by that were ‘normal’. I’ve never been in a restaurant that catered so well to health nuts and your typical blue blooded American. Check out this vegan gluten free curry dish. I ordered it ‘hot’. Great sweet sauce!

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