Here are some hand renderings I’ve done.

The first one is actually done on an iPad. It’s a mixed use project that will be completed by 2014.

I have to upload a better image of the corinthian column. It’s actually a huge india ink render. It’s just that it’s framed already and so getting a good picture of it is tough.

The Frank Lloyd Write drawing is really interesting. This was my first rendering and took me about 40 hours. It was a school assignment where I had to replicate the style of a famous renderer. I chose that house by FLW because I like prairie style (I grew up on the prairies). The media: shoe polish!

The pool project is india ink.

The chapel is shoe polish on mylar (like the FLW drawing).

The color study is just that; me drawing the color…the lines are by the famous architectural renderer Michael E. Doyle out of Boulder. Take a class from him! I did!

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