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A lonely palm on a sunny mid morning.

Photos 5!

I love a beautiful sunrise.


Photos 4!

I love a good sunset. Downtown Tampa.

City + Car

Flowers 3!

Went to a local restaurant named Anise and had a lovely dinner with my wife. We both saw this really beautiful flower on the table. Anyone know what kind of plant this is? Google images didn’t help.


Photos 3!

Combined two panoramas from two of our balconies to create one large pano.

Facing East.


Photos 2!

This is the sunrise from one of our balconies. Florida has the best clouds!



I didn’t grow up with any household pets so it’s been an adjustment having two cats (I blame wife). When I see this little cute thing in the morning tucked under the sheets though, I do forget the nearly daily vomit and paw fights.

Cute Overload

Cute Overload

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