Can’t Keep Clean!


One of our cats is so small and light that when she turns to lick her back clean, she flips over.

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2 responses to “Can’t Keep Clean!

  • Phoopee Panzz

    Dear Paul Martens,

    I’m a gay indian who suffers from chronic irritable bowel syndrome and I’m very unmotivated. I’m much too lazy to try and be fabulous, I am thinking it might be an easier fit for me to be an asexual shut-in. I am the 4th child of a family of 12 (most of whom are now laborers in Africa). What is your advice for me?

    Phoopee Panzz

    • The Motivated Life

      Gratitude to you Phoopee!

      You know; I have to laugh. Just this afternoon I wondered out loud to The Universe: “How Can I Better Help All The Hurt People Of The Planet Today?” (HCIBHATHPOTPT TM) Sure enough you plopped into my life! Wow Universe, you really outdid yourself! Good for you.

      I admire your courage and resilience Phoopee. You are an inspiration to everyone, you just don’t know it! It takes an incredible amount of motivation to fight the bigotry and hate towards you every day (I learned of a gay Indian’s plight on an episode of Oprah — so difficult!) So congratulations Motivated One! I feel your pain Phoopee, IBS or otherwise.

      You say you are born 4th…are you a hoarder? I believe you could be, so good news! You have fabulousness buried in your hut somewhere. Probably next to the cat skeleton but under of curry.

      My point is this; reach deep down inside of you and pull out the blockage, your ‘Soul Blockage TM’ if you will.

      And buy my book. $19.95 at Amazon. The best blockage remover I know! I ship globally…to IBS suffering Gay Indian Fourth Borns all over the world.

      Your Guru,


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